OrbEET Workshop in Aspárrena

OrbEET Workshop in Aspárrena

The 14th of July 2016, a Workshop took place in the City Hall of Aspárrena, a place which is used as a pilot site in order to evaluate and validate the behavioural change framework developed in Orbeet.

In this workshop, people from Solintel moved to Araia (one of the ten neighbourhoods of Aspárrena) in order to explain the City Hall workers how OrbEET works, which are the main objectives of this project, its approach and this will let them being able to improve the usage.

In order to maximize the impact of this project, the workers received information about the project, the different business scenarios which the project pretends to improve, this way they understood the two main outputs: real-time energy data visualisation and behavioural triggering.

They were also informed about the different sensors which are already installed in the building, this way they can become familiar with them and they know how they work.

They showed to be very interested in the project, trying to understand everything they were told, asking questions of their doubts, and looking forward being able to improve the efficiency of the building and obtain a positive energy culture in-office.

Thus, it was a great opportunity for Solintel to visit the City Hall in order to know where the sensors are installed and to become familiar with the environment; and also for the workers because they understood how OrbEET works and how they have to proceed.