EinB 2017 OrbEEt paper

EinB 2017 OrbEEt paper

Date 25.10.2017

A new paper detailing preliminary results from the currently conducted evaluation of OrbEEt’s framework has been submitted. It is titled An Enhanced Human – Centric Performance Framework towards promoting Behavioural Energy Efficiency in buildings and authored by Kostantinos Tsatsakis(HYPERTECH), Tasos Tsitsanis (HYPERTECH) and Christos Malavazos (GrinDrop). The paper will be included in the proceedings of the conference and will shortly be available on the website of ASHRAE Hellenic chapter (http://www.ashrae.gr/). Below is the abstract of the work:


Tertiary buildings account for a sizeable proportion of the EU total carbon footprint. More than 80% of total energy consumption of the buildings life-cycle is directly attributed to their operational phase [1], while 70% of this consumption is driven by individual occupants’ behaviour and building operations supporting daily business activities (accounting for more than 30%) [2]. Towards this direction, we are proposing an ICT framework that transforms live streams of sensing/metering data into personalized feedback, facilitating that way the establishment of energy efficient behaviours. By linking core operational aspects (equipment usage) and environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and luminance) to occupants’ behaviours, underlying business processes and organizational structures, the proposed framework aims to enhance the comprehensiveness and ease of interpretation of building energy performance metrics within an extended and automated Systemic Enterprise Operational Rating framework (SEOR). The proposed EPC framework is developed within the context of EU H2020 OrbEEt project and is tested and evaluated in four pilot buildings around Europe, addressing different social, business and operational characteristics. The results from the evaluation of the proposed framework are presented in this document.

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