Author - Cesar Truco

OrbEEt’s Second Review Meeting

Since the OrbEEt project has been coming to an end, so the time has approached for its final review meeting where a whole evaluation of the project and its outcomes could be carried out. The event will take place on the 5th of April in Brussels where all of the OrbEEt team will be attending, in order to present their contributions and progress throughout the project’s duration.

New OrbEEt video

During the workshop and Open Day demonstration event that took place in Asparrena, Spain on the 28th of February, a video was recorded of Arkaitz Gobantes Bernal presenting the OrbEEt project and framework, as well as its implementation in the pilot site of the Asparrena Town Hall. Further elaborations were provided on the achieved energy savings in the buildings and the overall learning experiences of its occupants. The presentation has been recorded in Spanish and can be seen on the [...]

OrbEEt was presented on the ICT for Energy Efficiency Meeting

OrbEEt was among the 17 projects that met on the 27th of February in Brussels in order to exchange good practices, address challenges and discuss research needs. All of the participating projects were focused on harnessing ICT’s potential to save energy and triggering enhanced energy-efficient behaviour in buildings. Similarly, all of them carry out pilot activities in residential and/or tertiary buildings of public interest. OrbEEt was presented by Christos Malavazos of Grindrop, who explained in the detail the OrbEEt Framework, [...]

Asparrena Open Day and Workshop

On February 28th at 10:30 a.m. in the Asparrena Town Hall, the results of the OrbEEt Project will be presented. The event will also include a guided visit of the installations performed at the town hall as a pilot site in the project. Additionally, the specific case of the town and its experience with OrbEEt will be discussed along with a detailed presentation of the energy efficiency improvements achieved on the site. The official invitation can be found in the [...]

A workshop with the SSERR

At OrbEEt, we took advantage of the great service the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation offers to interested H2020 projects on the exploitation of research results. Hence, a day-long workshop was conducted with a consultant of the Support Services for Exploitation of Research Results (SSERR) on the afternoon of 24th and morning of 25th of January in Madrid. The workshop was attended by representatives of OrbEEt’s consortium members and focused specifically on general market analysis, definition of target audience, [...]

A workshop on smart building, jointly organized by OrbEEt, took place in Madrid

The workshop titled “Empowering cities: Innovative strategies for Smart buildings and citizens” took place on the 24th of January and was hosted in the space of Impact Hub, Madrid. There about fifteen entities showcased the new solutions they have developed in the fields of ICTs and energy efficiency, in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. The workshop was co-organized, among others, by OrbEEt and Solintel M&P and was attended by more than 100 people. Ian Dunwell, from Coventry [...]

7th Consortium Meeting was concluded

The final Consortium Meeting of the project took place on the 25th and 26th of January in Madrid and was hosted by Solintel M&P, who is OrbEEt’s Project Coordinator. During the event, the developments and progress achieved in the last period of the project were discussed along with the concluding actions necessary to be undertaken for completing the project. Additionally, detailed plans were revisited for ensuring the lasting impact of OrbEEt after its end.

OrbEEt is a co-organizer in a workshop on the latest innovations to reduce the energy consumption of buildings

Methodologies for designing buildings, applications or advanced simulation tools are some of the new solutions that will be presented in Madrid on January the 24th Madrid will host next 24th of January the workshop “Empowering cities: Innovative strategies for Smart buildings and citizens”, in which up to fifteen entities will show the new solutions they have developed in the fields of ICTs and energy efficiency, in order to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. Although these solutions share the same final [...]

Webinar: Achieving increased energy efficiency in administrative public offices through behavioural improvements. An overview

Come join us on a webinar where we will present the general methodology of the project along with providing deeper insights into the various components that comprise the OrbEEt framework. Additionally, we will assess the current status of deployment of the OrbEEt system at the pilot sites where the project is tested in practice. The webinar will take place on January 12th, 11 AM CET and registration is available on the following link: Presenters will be Mr. Dery Torres PhD, a [...]

7th Consortium Meeting

The seventh Consortium Meeting of the OrbEEt project will take place in Madrid on the 25th-26th of January. It will be hosted by the project’s partner and coordinator, Solintel ( At the meeting, all of the participants will have the chance to discuss face-to-face the continuous development of OrbEEt along with analyzing the preliminary results from the ongoing evaluation and validation of the project’s solutions in the pilot sites.