Approaching the OrbEEt project in Asparrena

Approaching the OrbEEt project in Asparrena

This event presents the OrbEEt project to citizens and public representatives of different municipalities, to give a close-up view of the activities that are being developed in Asparrena’s Town Hall.

There will be two main activities:

At 12:30, an information desk (stand) will be set up in the village main square, next to the Town Hall, offering full information about the project (brochures, personal explanations, surveys .etc.). The information desk will remain in the main square all day.

At 18:00, guided tours of the Town Hall Building will be carried out.These will allow visitors to find out about the facilities and  improvements that the OrbEEt project has brought to the municipality so far (sensors, monitoring, etc.).

To conclude the event, other municipal projects will be visited, such as the municipal hydroelectric power station and forest biomass facilities.