6th Consortium Meeting

6th Consortium Meeting

Date: 3rd of October, 2017

The sixth Consortium Meeting of OrbEEt took place in the Imperial Palace of Innsbruck on the 28th-29th of September. It was hosted by the project’s partner BHOe (http://www.burghauptmannschaft.at).

At the meeting, all of the participants had the chance to discuss face-to-face the continuous development of OrbEEt along with already taking a look at the preliminary results from the ongoing evaluation of the project’s solutions in the pilot sites. Additionally, the partners had the chance to observe the installed equipment and its performance in real time.

During the meeting, several other activities took place, including the conducting of a training of the BHOe personnel interacting with OrbEEt’s framework, along with setting up a demonstration stand in the lobby of the Museum in the Imperial Palace, in order to familiarize the visitors with the project’s goals.

Next meeting of the Consortium will be in the Imperial Palace of Vienna in the second half of January and again will be kindly hosted by BHOe.