Basque Ecodesign Meeting

Date: 23rd of September   OrbEEt was presented at the Basque Ecodesign Meeting on the 19th of September: Arkaitz Gobantes Bernal from Asparrena Municipality spoke about the innovative actions in taken in Araia to reduce the environmental impact of the municipality’s energy needs. The presentation took place during the 4th thematic parallel session on sustainable cities: The session was attended by more than 30 people and the discussions following the presentation signified the considerable interest on the audience on the [...]

EF Conference participation

Date: 21.09.2017 The OrbEEt project was presented at the 9th Annual Scientific Conference, organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Technical University of Sofia. The conference took place on the 11th-14th of September, 2017 in Varna, Bulgaria and the project presentation was on the 13th of September during Thematic Session №3: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources. The presentation, which was carried out by Ivan Sharlandzhiev(Balkanika Energy), was based on the scientific paper submitted to the conference titled: Current Status [...]

EF Scientific publication on the project

Date: 17.09.2017 A new OrbEEt paper was produced by partners in the consortium titled Current Status Of The Project OrbEEt: Tool Deployment And Monitoring Of The Energy Consumption In Public Buildings Services. The author team consisted of Dery Torres, Ivan Sharlandzhiev, Kostas Tsatsakis, Wilfrid Utz, Ian Dunwell, Christos Malavazos, Gerald Wagenhofer, Arkaitz Gobantes, Shixuan Zhan and Alexandar Vodenicharov. The paper was submitted for participation at the 9th Annual Scientific Conference, organized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Technical University of [...]

11th European Conference on Games Based Learning 

Date: 5th – 6th of October 2017 Location: Graz, Austria OrbEEt partner, Coventry University and the Serious Games Institute, will be representing the OrbEEt project and its game based learning interface at the 11th European Conference on Games Based Learning. The European Conference on Games Based Learning was established 9 years ago. It has been held in Scotland, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Norway to mention only some of the countries who have hosted it. ECGBL is generally attended by participants from [...]

6th Consortium Meeting: Innsbruck, Austria

Date: 28th – 29th of September 2017 Location: Innsbruck The 6th Consortium meeting will take place in Innsbruck (Austria). It will be a great opportunity to demonstrate the SEOR Engine, eDECS and Behavioral Triggering framework and to visit the pilot site in Innsbruck in order to see these tools in action. Further discussions and considerations on other pilot sites will also be shared. Finally, the general impact of training activities as well as dissemination activities relating to the project will be [...]

Pro-VE 2017: 18th Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises

Date: 18th – 20th of September 2017 Location: Vicenza, Italy OrbEEt partner, BOC Group, will be presenting the OrbEEt project during the parallel sessions relative to Data Mining and Data Services of the Pro-VE 2017 in Vicenza Italy, Wednesday 20th of September 2017. PRO-VE 2017 will provide a forum for sharing experiences, discussing trends, identifying challenges, and introducing innovative solutions aimed at fulfilling the vision of beneficial collaboration in a data-rich world.

Training Workshop in Innsbruck, Austria

Location: Innsbruck During this training workshop, concerned individuals from the Hofburg Innsbruck were presented training materials and sessions on the different aspects and components of OrbEEt as contained in the following presentations. Generally, presentations were performed and were then followed with workshops and facility visits for end users to start interacting with the platform.

Project demonstration at Asparrena Craft Fair

Date: 15.08.2017 The craft fair of Araia is an important event in Asparrena, Spain, that takes place every 15th of August and congregates many of the citizens of the municipality, besides a large number of visitors. Hence it was a great opportunity to present OrbEEt project to the general public. A large stand was set up that included detailed information (posters and brochures) about the project and its current status at the moment. Short demonstrations were also done with more [...]

OrbEEt Webinar Series: Intranet Portal and In-Office Display Application

Please register for OrbEEt Webinar Series: Intranet Portal and In-Office Display Application on Aug 15, 2017 11:00 AM CEST at: In this webinar, you will learn about OrbEEt’s intranet portal and in-office display application for supporting energy efficient behaviours through gamification and feedback. The basis for development through the OrbEEt behavioural change framework (OBCF) will be discussed, along with the process of behavioural triggering to inform interface elements. A demonstration of the interfaces will be given to provide insights into this component [...]

OrbEEt Webinar Series: Information Management Layer

Please register for OrbEEt Webinar Series: Information Management Layer on Jul 25, 2017 11:00 PM CEST at: In this webinar you learn on the Information Management Layer (IML) in the OrbEEt framework performs data collection and harmonisation steps. Data on a high-level of granularity is collected close to real-time and provided through a common interface to the related component in the system. The agenda of the webinar will provide you insights on the following topics: A. Introduction to the projects objective and [...]