OrbEEt project aims to introduce an innovative solution to facilitate public and social engagement to action for energy efficiency by providing real-time assessments of the energy impact and energy-related organisational behaviour.



To accomplish this goal, OrbEEt proposes an ICT-based framework to induce behaviour change toward energy efficiency by transforming energy measurements into personalized feedback delivered through engaging user interfaces.



OrbEEt establishes a holistic organizational energy performance framework that will boost standardized energy performance rating practices by incorporating business and behavioural information.









Building Operational Rating

Display Energy Certificates – DECs (normalized labels resulting from the Operational Rating process) are typically generated annually at the level of entire buildings to quantify the comparative energy efficiency of the organization operations independently of factors like building characteristics or weather conditions.

Business Process Modelling

The main business processes occurring in any workplace are critical since they encapsulate all the organization operations and provide a natural structure for reasoning about energy use. 

Organizational & Behavioural Change

In terms of behavioural change, however, DECs do not offer the level of information granularity required to affect behaviour of individuals or small teams.





ORBEET established a trusted Systemic Enterprise Operational Rating framework, that will also present the ability for real time building monitoring, continuous measurement of the impact of different activities on the overall building energy performance and most importantly, for timely, relevant feedback that will aim at triggering sustainable behaviours. Thus, within ORBEET energy efficiency will be achieved through progressive improvement of organizational efficiency, while energy performance will be optimally balanced with business performance and occupant preferences to avoid organizational performance degradation or loss of occupant comfort.







Leverage existing standards and methods of Building Operational Rating (OR)

To leverage existing standards and methods of Building Operational Rating (OR) to deliver a mechanism for real-time extraction and calculation of detailed of the Building Operational Rating.

Align the building energy data with organization operational activities

To align the building energy data with organization operational activities and thus allow for a more systemic and holistic view over the organizational energy performance.

Trigger the behavioural change in the scope and context of organizational dynamics 

In the scope and context of organizational dynamics and business activities, treating occupants not only as individuals but also as members of an organizational ecosystem.




This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research

and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 649753